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Please explain your complimentary door-to-door pick-up

In 1992, Sports Leisure began offering door-to-door service. This popular service is included on all vacations of three days or longer. (You may also choose to provide your own transportation and receive a credit. Please inquire with our office.) Door-to-door service is provided by Coastal Breeze Limousine and may involve a limousine, sedan, SUV or other special vehicle.

When door-to-door service is included in the tour package, it is based on these boundaries: Davis on the west, Galt on the south, Auburn and Placerville on the east, Woodland to the north. For locations outside this area (Stockton, Yuba City/ Marysville, Grass Valley, Winters, Vacaville, Fairfield, Pollock Pines, Colfax are some examples), pick-up service is available for an additional charge. A $75 per person credit is available for out-of-town travelers to whom this service isn’t available, and for those locally who choose to meet us at the airport/Sports Leisure office (motorcoach departures).

Another option for those who live in outlying areas is to overnight in Sacramento. We can offer special reduced rates at the Best Western Plus Sutter House Hotel. You can leave your car in its lot while on vacation and enjoy door-to-door service to and from the hotel. On many overnight and day trips, motorcoaches depart from convenient neighborhood pick-up points throughout the greater Sacramento and Roseville areas.

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I have some special dietary restrictions, is this a problem?

If you have mild dietary restrictions or are a vegetarian, it is important you notify our office at the time of registration. It’s your responsibility to read your Tour Reservation Confirmation carefully and make certain your restrictions have been noted. As you would certainly understand, it is quite difficult for your Tour Director to accommodate those who wait until they are actually traveling to inform us of their special needs. If you have severe dietary restrictions, you may find this type of travel is not for you.

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What about airport security restrictions? They seem to change all the time

While it’s true that navigating through an airport in our country has become more challenging, our staff is up to date on the latest regulations in order to provide you assistance at the airport. We think most of our travelers agree that getting through the airport with an experienced Sports Leisure Tour Director is generally a fairly simple process. The latest security information can be found on the web at TSA is now requiring that you provide your full name, as is appears on your identification, and your birth date, for all domestic and international travel.

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How much baggage can I bring? And what about those baggage fees the airlines are imposing?

On vacations of four days or less, you are allowed one checked bag. On domestic trips of five days or more, Sports Leisure allows you two pieces of checked luggage, regardless of the mode of transportation. Airlines restrict you to one carry on bag and one small personal item (identified as a purse, briefcase, laptop or coat). Carry on bags are the responsibility of the traveler at all times. International vacations may limit you to one bag, regardless of the length of the trip. Occasionally, other restrictions may apply (Key West trips allow only one checked bag, due to weight restrictions).

With the exception of Southwest Airlines, air carriers are charging for checked bags. As this is written, the six largest carriers in the U.S. have five different baggage charge policies. So, the rules will vary from trip to trip. You have this Sports Leisure promise – you will never pay to check your first bag on any domestic flight on a U.S. airline. Our office will advise you of any charges for your second bag, if the length of the trip allows, and if you choose to bring one. (Based on first bag charges and fees as of August 10, 2009.)

Each checked bag has a strict weight limit of 40 or 50 pounds (depending on the trip). Bags weighing more than the specified limit WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. This policy applies before AND during the tour. Airlines may charge additional overweight fees. Most “wheelie” bags and oversized carry-ons that fit in airline overhead bins cannot be accommodated within the cabin of the motorcoach. In such cases, you will be asked to check them coachside with your Tour Director. They will be tagged and available coachside at each overnight stop.

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Are my payments protected when I pay for my vacation in advance?

Your deposits and final payments are protected in accordance with the State of California Seller of Travel Law (#2011549-40). In addition, Sports Leisure Vacations is a member of the Northeast California Better Business Bureau.

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Can a friend from another city join me on tour, or for a dinner or visit at one of our destinations

Yes! We can arrange travel for friends or relatives to meet our groups from any city in the world. (We currently have over 900 Travel Club members who live outside the Sacramento area.) If you have friends or relatives who would like to travel with you, have them call us toll free at 800-951-5556. With advance notice, we are also happy to welcome your friends or relatives who may live along the tour route and may wish to join us for a meal or attraction.

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Can I extend my vacation to visit friends or relatives?

The answer is almost always yes, particularly if you register and make your request at least 45 days prior to departure. There could be additional charges for flight deviations, but generally they are small. Many travelers take advantage of this service to visit friends or relatives, or explore a destination in greater detail on their own.

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I have some trouble walking long distances. Will I be able to participate and enjoy the trip?

In order to get full value from a travel experience, it is important to be in good mental and physical health. Walking and some step-climbing are necessary to participate in the normal activities of our vacations. While we do almost everything for you on a Sports Leisure vacation, the Tour Director cannot provide sustained attention to individual clients. Please be advised that we visit many cultural sites on tour, and not all of them may meet A.D.A. requirements due to their historic status.

Having said that, let us assure you that people with mobility restrictions are welcome on our vacations. Many of our travelers are over 70 (or even 80 or 90), something we keep in mind when planning our itineraries. In our office, the Tour Planner for each departure knows the itinerary well and would be happy to consult with you personally should you have questions regarding the amount of walking, elevations, etc., on a particular trip.

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What if I become ill and cannot travel? Do you offer cancelation protection?

Cancellation Protection is available on every departure. It must be purchased at the time you make your initial tour payment. We strongly recommend you consider this optional protection. Please refer to the Special Vacation Notes and Information brochure for details. This coverage may not be available to travelers who have cancelled more than two tours in a 12 month period.

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Have passport rules changed?

Please inquire at the time of registration if you are traveling outside the U.S. (including Canada and Mexico). If you are of foreign citizenship, we highly recommend you check with your country’s embassy and follow its instructions to make certain your travel will be legal and seamless. U.S. citizens in need of a passport can pick up an application at any post office. Please allow 8-10 weeks for processing. Complimentary passport photos are available to Travel Club members from Jon Holloway and our friends at Holloway Travel Outfitters, 916-486-9170.

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How does your company deal with "Chronic Complainers"?

One or two can ruin a trip for all. Sports Leisure Vacations reserves the right not to accept or retain in a group anyone whose lack of personal hygiene or poor general behavior, in the opinion of the Tour Director, impedes the operation of the tour and/or affects the rights of other travelers. A refund of unused tour services is the limit of our liability if a person is required to leave the tour for the reasons stated above. Said passenger(s) will be responsible for any additional costs to return to the city of origin.

We are looking to learn, discover and have fun together. Our groups are often complimented on their positive attitude by tourism professionals and other travelers while on the road. Life is too short for making yourself and others around you miserable due to little things that are bound to occur. Travel is by nature an inexact science. Problem travelers will kindly be asked to apply elsewhere.

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